Friday, September 28, 2007

Lantern Festival at Chinese Garden

Daddy & Mommy brought Jiejie to Chinese Garden last Sun for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. It was an outing that I had to miss coz I need my beauty sleep at 8pm sharp... It's ok, I reckon I can always go when I'm older.

Mommy planned this outing with Aunty Irene coz they knew Jiejie would enjoy the outing with Aunty Irene's kids Zoe & Joash. Zoe is Jiejie's current best friend. It used to be another boy Ethan but he had since fallen out of Jiejie's favour...

A shot taken before their outing
(Err.. notice mommy's new fringe?)

Jiejie in one of her favourite dress

Jiejie with friends Zoe & her bro Joash

Mommy wanted to capture more shots but it got too warm and tiring to take pictures so mommy gave up after couple of shots. Jiejie had a great time coz she got to take kiddy rides and play with her friends.

Hmmm... maybe in another 2 years, mommy can plan a Mid-Autumn outing for me with friends Kimi, Des, Claire, Rachel, Charlene, Estelle, etc...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My 1st KinderMusik Class

Mommy and daddy brought me for my 1st Kindermusik class last Sat and I had a smashing good time. It was great playing with the egg shakers (which I love to put into my mouth), the parachute, the scarf... though I did get pretty tired by the end of the class. See the below pics taken by Aunty Zenn before the class started.

That's me and pretty baby Estelle (Aunty Zenn's bb gal). I was fascinated by the carpet (coz we got no carpet at home) before I noticed her...

Then I realised baby Estelle is more fascinating than the carpet...Hmmm.. think she finds me interesting too.

Baby Estelle was kind enough to let me sayang her face.. perhapes she thought my finger was Rusk biscuit or something coz she started licking my finger.

See.. I'm one happy boy before class started...:) Will post more pics of my other classmates later on.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Something Special from Mommy to JieJie

Mommy told me being a MOTHER is a very humbling experience, filled with many overwhelming feelings (though being only 8months, I can't really understand..). To celebrate her 2nd Mother's Day as a Mommy, she wrote something for Jiejie...

It Is A Wonderful Feeling

It is a wonderful feeling
Knowing a tiny life
Is growing and thriving
Inside my tummy hive

It is a wonderful feeling
After nine long months
When you lie in my arms sleeping
Looking contented and beautiful

You cry you whine
You refuse to sleep
We beg we coax
Deprived of our sleep

Yet with a tiny smile
A twinkle in your eyes
You bring a smile
And we forgot the sleep deprived

It is a wonderful feeling
Watching you grow tall and strong
Watching you sit and crawl
Watching you take a lingering 1st step

It is a wonderful feeling
Knowing we’re your comfort
To us you come running
When you fall and you cry

It is a wonderful feeling
Just having you
My baby, my darling
Thanks for brightening up our lives

To Ashley
From Mummy

Touching? Mommy said when her poetic inspiration comes again, she will also write something special for me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Gums Hurt!!!

Poor popo and mommy had to endure my cries and screams the past few nights when they were putting me to sleep... Actually it was popo who put me to sleep but my gums hurt so much that I only wanted mommy's comforting arms and familiar smell... so I screamed and screamed till mommy carried me. Think popo was quite insulted coz she's the one who takes care of me during the day and yet I insisted on having mommy... Popo said it's coz I'm cutting my upper tooth/teeth so I'm feeling the great discomfort. 2 days back, I can't even bite my favourite snacks bb bites.. I can only suck suck till it gets soft... Sigh...I really missed the "kek kek" sound when I bite hard on the bb bites..

But GOOD NEWS is I'm feeling better today.. though I'm still rejecting milk. It's driving popo and mommy nuts coz I refused to drink... I promise I will try and drink my milk properly over the next few days.

Monday, September 17, 2007

3 Cheers for Mommy

Not bad, eh. Mommy managed to set up a blog for me and Jiejie and did 3 postings today. Well, actually she's still not in bed tonight yet coz daddy is out for drinks with his friends.. if not, she will be sleeping by now. Nonetheless, 3 cheers for mommy for GOOD EFFORT.

Introducing My JieJie

This is my Jiejie Ashley. She's 3 but everyone says she looks more like a 4 year old. She loves playing with her numerous dolls and she wants to be a princess. Sometimes she will pretend to be Cinderella (I'm not sure who's that) and she will ask mommy to be Snow White... Daddy says vanity runs in the family but only on the female side.

Here's more of my Jiejie in her ballet dress. She loves going for ballet class coz she gets to wear her tutu and she likes mommy to bun up her hair. But daddy is always nagging her to cut her hair. Dunno what is the fuss over hair in my family coz mommy goes on and on about her hair all the time too...

Finally A Blog for Me & Jiejie

Finally finally, after much peer pressure from the Jan aunties, mommy decided to create a blog for me & Ash jiejie.. if not, when I grow up I will be wondering why all my friends Kimi, Des, Claire, Rachel, Charlene, etc have their own blogs but I DON'T...

Mommy is a techno dummy but she promised to do her best to do a good job with our blog.

Err.. BTW, that pic is specially chosen by mommy but it's nothing rude okie.