Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mommy's Little Secret

Mommy has a little secret
Hidden somewhere inside her
Only couple of people know
This little secret of hers

Every time Mommy thinks of
Her little secret
It brings a special smile to her face
And a little warmth to her heart

Mommy can't wait to share
Her little secret
With each & everyone
And for all to smile with her

It won't be much longer
For Pandora's box to unlock
And for Mommy to share
her little secret with you all

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Many Expressions

Daddy always says I have lots of different expressions... Mommy managed to captured some of these :) (actually these were taken 1 month ago but Mommy only found time to share now...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My 1st Fall

Had my 1st fall today. I have always been doing the leopard crawl and I can do it real well and fast but recently, I decided to try a new method - going on all fours. But apparently before having mastered the skill properly, I attempted to increase speed and fell, right side of my face hitting the floor. Naturally I brawled... you know, those with big tears and yucky mucus.

Mommy was real heartpained but Daddy kept asking me not to cry coz boys cannot be like tofu and cry at slightest things. As for Jiejie, she was too busy with her Peter Pan VCD to bother about me...Sigh... I guess having gone through 3.5 years of falls, knocks and whatnots, what is a little fall to her...

Happy Birthday, DADDY!!!

Tomorrow's Daddy's 33rd birthday. Today we celebrated for Daddy at Yeye's house with xiao gu, da gu, both gu zhangs, Linus gorgor, Dylan gorgor, Zach gorgor and of coz Mommy, Jiejie and me... Earlier in the week Mommy had brought Daddy out for his birthday treat at Chef's Chan. Me and Jiejie were not "invited" coz it's supposed to be a romantic dinner for Daddy and Mommy.

Tomorrow's Daddy's special day but he has to leave for the States for business trip and will only be back 2 weeks later. So poor Daddy has to spent 1/2 his birthday on the plane with strangers. We'll all miss him, especially Mommy.

Wishing Daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May he always be healthy and happy.. special hugs from me; a big fat sloppy kiss from Jiejie and lots of hugs & smooches from Mommy!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Pics to Share

Here're more pics to share :)

Our 1st Professional Photoshoot

Daddy & mommy brought us to YK for a photoshoot today. Mommy wants some nice family pictures taken so she bought the package as a birthday gift for daddy (though I strongly suspect mommy likes the gift better than daddy). We took a total of 260 pictures over 1.5hour... We started off in an enthusiastic mood.. after 150 shots, Jiejie started getting restless and uncooperative. I was getting tired too but luckily mommy was clever enough to bring my snacks along to give me some energy booster and keep me going.

So tiring at the end of it (mommy said it's more tiring when daddy and her took their wedding pics)... Me and Jiejie conked out as soon as we reached the car... Here're some pics to share :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Everything Goes into My Mouth

A pic speaks a thousand words...Need I say more? That's why Jiejie doesn't like me to play with her toys coz they get all wet and slimey after I play with them..kekeke