Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, DADDY!!!

Tomorrow's Daddy's 33rd birthday. Today we celebrated for Daddy at Yeye's house with xiao gu, da gu, both gu zhangs, Linus gorgor, Dylan gorgor, Zach gorgor and of coz Mommy, Jiejie and me... Earlier in the week Mommy had brought Daddy out for his birthday treat at Chef's Chan. Me and Jiejie were not "invited" coz it's supposed to be a romantic dinner for Daddy and Mommy.

Tomorrow's Daddy's special day but he has to leave for the States for business trip and will only be back 2 weeks later. So poor Daddy has to spent 1/2 his birthday on the plane with strangers. We'll all miss him, especially Mommy.

Wishing Daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May he always be healthy and happy.. special hugs from me; a big fat sloppy kiss from Jiejie and lots of hugs & smooches from Mommy!!!

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