Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our 1st Professional Photoshoot

Daddy & mommy brought us to YK for a photoshoot today. Mommy wants some nice family pictures taken so she bought the package as a birthday gift for daddy (though I strongly suspect mommy likes the gift better than daddy). We took a total of 260 pictures over 1.5hour... We started off in an enthusiastic mood.. after 150 shots, Jiejie started getting restless and uncooperative. I was getting tired too but luckily mommy was clever enough to bring my snacks along to give me some energy booster and keep me going.

So tiring at the end of it (mommy said it's more tiring when daddy and her took their wedding pics)... Me and Jiejie conked out as soon as we reached the car... Here're some pics to share :)

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